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08 Июля 2010
Письмо для Бекки
Несколько дней назад через администратора официального сайта Бекки Хэммон - Линду, мы отправили письмо для Бекки. В связи с последними событиями, а именно непонятной ситуацией вокруг ее дальнейшего участия в составе Сборной России на международных турнирах, мы посчитали важным донести до Бекки нашу позицию. Я надеюсь, что все поклонники Бекки согласятся с ниже изложенным...

Dear, Becky!

We, your Russian fans, don’t know what to think today. It’s about World Championship… There is no official information yet. So we just have only talks. Somebody says you will come, somebody says no. Frankly speaking, a part of us are going to visit Czechs only because of you may come. We didn’t see you for such a long time!

Of course, if every fan will ask for something, athletes will not have normal life. And, you know, fans in USA want surely to see you more at home, Russian in Russia and etc. We understand it, but it will be the World Championship. In our mind it’s a great event in all the world. And Russian team really needs you, Becky, no doubts! It’s a dream: you have bronze, you have silver, so it’s time for gold!

We know a lot of girls from the team, we read a lot of interviews. Almost everybody says: you are a great player and great person. So we think that you have good relationships with your teammates and enjoy playing for Russia. Again, team needs you. Because you can score and you create so many opportunities for others. Nolan? Prince (we heard that she probably will play in future)? Ha-ha! Let’s be serious. You know the teammates, they know you. You did so much for our country! We don’t need anybody more!!!

Of course, we can’t know all information about your relationships with coach, federation and etc. But if you had some problems with them, we hope that you left them in past. You are always above that things!

In every case, Becky, we will be on your side. It doesn’t matter what decision you will make. We just believe you will do what your heart tells you. As usual!

We are following all the games of Silver Stars. Hope you are OK after injury and your team will do the best!

Best wishes to you, all your family, Cody and friends! Our hearts are always with you and we feel your love and kind smile even form USA.

Dreaming about new meeting!

Your faithful Russian fans.
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3 Болельщик • 12:00, 14 Июля 2010
Когда наши американские недруги товарищи дадуть ответ? biggrin

2 Болельщик • 19:44, 08 Июля 2010
Одобрямс, нужно стучаться... и откроются двери...

1 Doctor • 09:04, 08 Июля 2010
Правильно, что создали и отправили такое письмо, если я все правильно понял через гугл переводчик, то всё по теме написано!...надеюсь она приедет на ЧМ!

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